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circumcision surgery newborn

circumcision surgery newborn
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Circumcision Surgery : A layer of skin covers the head of the penis called the foreskin. In circumcision, this skin is removed surgically to expose the tip. Some cultures choose to circumcise baby boys, while others do not. Reasons vary based on personal and cultural beliefs, hygiene and appearance concerns, etc. Most circumcisions are done either at home or in a hospital within 48 hours after birth by a doctor who specializes in this procedure, such as a pediatrician or family doctor.

Families who have premature babies or babies who have special medical concerns may decide to delay circumcision surgery until the infant is older; because of this, it’s important that families choose a physician with a lot of experience in this area. Because many premature babies and newborns experience swelling and irritation where they would normally be circumcised, doctors need to wait until that swelling has settled down before performing a ritual circumcision; otherwise, there’s likely to be some uncomfortable bleeding. Therefore, reaching out to a reliable doctor for the Circumcision Surgery Newborn is indispensable.

Nonetheless, some families decide to have their newborns boy circumcised. In some cases, babies are not circumcised until later in life because of religious reasons or other customs that may be more traditional. Some people choose to wait for a time when the baby can make his own decision about becoming circumcised based on whatever factors are important to him, such as religion or medical concerns. Circumcision surgery during adulthood is a very sensitive matter but generally only takes place in an operating room after the individual has received a local anesthetic so that he won't feel pain as the foreskin is removed. Please contact dr. Inderjeet Singh Gautam the owner of Gautam Clinic Private Limited if you want to get your child’s foreskin removed safely!

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